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Motivating co-workers: this is how you do it.

Recently, we wrote a blog specifically about how not to motivate co-workers. For example, don't laugh at their ideas until you're really just about wet yourself laughing. Don't sneak out when members of the team are wanting to talk about their successes, either. Also, counting the days until payday doesn't help much. Unfortunately.

Motivating co-workers; how do you do it?

Anyway, motivating your co-workers; how do you do it? We've listed these indispensable tips for you.

1. Give them space

However much you would like to take a seat right next to colleague X, so you can check if she really works as hard as she would have believe, don't do it. As soon as you give your co-workers the space they need, you'll notice that beautiful things begin to happen. And we don't mean endless chit-chatter at the coffee machine, either. The things that happen are a direct result from the trust you express. A good self-confidence boost for your team members.

Motivating your co-workers? Let them work from home, whenever they feel they need to do so. And, if they come up with some nifty idea? Let them go ahead and implement it. Chances are they will be extra motivated to prove themselves, and will do everything in their power to not disappoint you, the team and themselves.

2. A compliment is worth the trouble

Did you know that a compliment is valued equally as a bonus? While 87% of employers believe their employees will leave them to work for someone else because they just want to fatten their bank account, only 12% will actually do so for this reason. That's right; most employees will make Monsterboard their starting browser page for entirely other reasons. Surprisingly often, not feeling appreciated will play a decisive role. As long as you choose to criticize over giving out a compliment, the chances you will motivate the rest of the team will be dismally low.

And we admit, giving a compliment can be difficult. Especially for us hard-headed Dutch. For some reason, we don't like it when people stand out too much. But, isn't that precisely what we want in our team? That ambitious tornado who's in for anything? Who is always ready to go that extra mile and keeps coming back with new ideas? Learn how to throw compliments around. And with a little luck, the rest of the team will also blossom into enthusiastic, pro-active people.

3. Take them seriously

Co-workers keep the wheels of the organization turning. Count on it that they too will know all about new developments, as trends and changes in legislature. Yes, even the intern. So, take all ideas seriously, not just those from management. Don't dismiss co-workers when they come to you with ideas. Listen attentively, question further. And, are you excited, tell them you're going to look for ways to implement their ideas. Sure, not all ideas will be equally luminous, but after all, what you're doing is greatly encouraging pro-activity and motivate people to help the organization be successful. Not at all unimportant, we'd say.

4. Development is everything

Everybody knows them, team members who have been at the same job for years (if not centuries). Sure, not everyone can be an eager career beaver, but what these company fixtures do bring to the team is often a ton of experience - and loyalty. Are they still being challenged in their work? Do they still talk about their jobs with sparkles in their eyes at birthday parties? And about why they feel everyone should feel jealous of what they do? Well, probably not. People have a natural desire to develop and improve themselves further. And this doesn't happen if you've been at the same job for years.

Do you want to motivate your team? See to it that your co-workers have the chance to learn whatever it is they want to learn, when they want to learn it. And, here's a wake up call for you: it doesn't have to be expensive.

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