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Finding your passion. Nonsense or goal?

My best friend gave me a slight dirty look when I told him that I was going to create a learning journey about "finding your passion." "Passion," he said, "Come on, everyone always has to be passionate about what they're doing nowadays. What nonsense." Of course, I asked him why he had such an aversion to the word. He thought that we completely exaggerate about how hip, great, fun, and intense life is. Everything we do has to be 'liked' on social media. Everyone has to know what wonderful lives we lead. He's clearly not a fan: "Give me a break. There are things in life that are boring and unpleasant that we simply have to deal with, so quit it with the passion thing already."

Well, he had a point, of course. There's nothing wrong with putting things into perspective and being objective. But I still remained optimistic about the idea of helping others find out what their passion is (or was) or how to find it (again).

Inspiration at the fish market

The word "passion" may be a big and captivating term that doesn't mean much to you. But for me it was a challenge. The search for that very personal interpretation of what passion could mean to a person – especially in his or her normal, everyday life. I myself was inspired by a YouTube video about the fish market in Seattle, where employees have to work under difficult conditions. Just imagine: a fish market with an open connection to the ocean... it stinks, it's cold, and it's windy. This doesn't seem like a place where you can be happy and impassioned. But just the opposite is true! The fishmongers have a great time, interact with the clients in a very engaging way, are highly enthusiastic, and work as a close team. What's their secret?

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Just do it

Inspired by the YouTube video, I wrote the passion learning journey with the conviction that we can all lead a life, to a small or great extent, that is connected to what we find important. That we can do what we really like, and/or that we can make something nice out of what we're doing now. Did I manage to rouse your mistrust, suspicion, or curiosity? Then go for it, the learning journey on passion! It will take you a few hours, but it might have a bigger impact on your life than you think.

Author: Rini Roerig


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