Aimee Fitters

Aimee makes sure everything runs smoothly at New Heroes Academy. She supports our sales team, answers the phone, organizes events and spends most of her time scheduling and organizing our classroom courses.

What makes Aimee's job so enjoyable?

Everyday is different and she has a lot of different tasks to do. She feels at ease and likes being on the team. Everybody contributes in his or her own way, which makes us an effective and strong team!

What does personal growth mean to Aimee?

To Aimee, personal growth is an important part of her life. It is something that will always continue. Not shying away from challenging, new and important things that come your way, but welcoming them with open arms and taking them on without fear.

Which course does Aimee recommend and why?

The online course "Communicating''. Communication is the basis of/for every relationship. Whether this is work-related or personal, good communication is important. Improving your communication skills is an ongoing process. This course provides you a clear roadmap on how to become better at communicating.


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