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Working together leads to great achievements

No team-conflicts but real teamwork with this team

We are all connected by smart phones, tablets or laptops and yet colleagues are communicating less than ever. In an ever isolating world, people are craving connection. Working together leads to connectedness and to great achievements. However new options for working conditions such as freelancing, flex work spaces and office gardens, have made working together difficult, leading to harassment and loneliness.

In the meantime the world is changing more rapidly than ever. Pressure is high, both at home and at work. To be an achiever, to belong, to keep up with and learn new developments, and to find happiness. It isn't uncommon to experience a mid-life crisis in your late 40's, but nowadays it seems as if people head for a crisis right after their graduation. 

Fear of missing out

How do you prevent your workers from getting FOMO (fear of missing out), a quarter-life crisis, the dreaded burn-out, telephone anxiety, loneliness, work trouble or decision-based stress? You as employer/HR can neither influence their situation at home, nor the new developments in the market, but you can adequately prepare your people. In a rapidly changing world, possessing great skills have become more essential than ever.

Making companies more profitable

Costs relating to staff make up around 30 percent of an average business. New Heroes focuses on this important form of capital, making organizations and businesses better and more profitable. We improve the communication and cooperation within teams, but we also focus on the individual. We think with you, proactively, in order to help your business function at its full potential.

wide range on offer

With the wide range on offer from New Heroes, we not only address the professional dilemmas at the office, but also at home. We make the training courses on behavior available to all staff members. That we do online AND offline. Whatever the tool that the specific task might demand - be it coaching, providing workshops, or consulting - New Heroes helps to develop your employees.

From e-learning to e-doing

We encourage staff to work together by supporting each other and giving feedback. Not e-learning, but e-doing, to bring about lasting behavioral change. When employees know themselves and others well, a feeling of safety, responsibility and connectedness develop. Against that backdrop, a person can live and achieve optimally.  

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