Online course: Team culture

I want my team to have a winning culture.

The culture of your team is the way all of you interact with each other. It's about how you behave and about all your written and unwritten rules. In this learning journey, we'll use the team culture and organizational culture of Team Brunel – which took part in the Volvo Ocean Race – as an example. The behavior of team members, and the composition of a team, can affect the culture of the team. Because the culture in your team is created by everyone in it.

  • 20 minutes completion time
  • Everything about team culture and how change affects a team
  • Discover their key to success
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Improving and building team culture

This course is intended for people who:

  • want to improve their team culture
  • want to know what is needed fo a good team
  • have trouble adapting to the current or changing team culture
  • are curious if the members of team Brunel can teach them something about team culture
  • 20 minutes completion time
  • 5 chapters
  • Short and powerful

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Anje-Marijcke was the coach of Team Brunel during the Volvo Ocean Race '14-'15. As team coach, she always believes in the strengths and talents of people. As a master of New Heroes she enjoys sharing her experience as team coach.

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