Breaking bad news

How do I do that?

Delivering bad news, sometimes you have to do it too. Your six-year-old daughter's dog got run over, you have to tell your parents that you aren't going back to school, or you have to let an employee go. Do you dread these types of conversations and keep putting them off? Or do you deliver bad news bluntly? Many people will put off a difficult conversation as long as possible and have trouble finding their words when the time comes. Sounds familiar? This learning journey will make communicating bad news easier.

  • The right mix of technique, tactics, and empathy
  • 2 to 6 weeks completion time
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Breaking bad news

A statement like "We're going to eat an hour later" can be very upsetting to some people. Can you imagine what a sentence like "I'm leaving you" would do? No one enjoys delivering bad news. A bad news conversation comes in many shapes and sizes, in both work and private situations. In this training you will learn how to deliver bad news in a less upsetting way. Bad news is still bad news. It's never going to be pleasant to tell someone bad news. After following this course it'll just be a bit easier. Drawing on the right mix of technique, tactics and empathy, this learning journey is for anyone who has to break bad news.

  • 2 to 6 weeks completion time
  • 12 hours of self-study
  • 7 chapters

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Lily Dorland is the master behind this training. Lily is an enthusiastic master and ambassador of open communication She likes to take people on a journey of discovery into the possibilities of their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

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