• Date 26 October 2017

We’re proud and excited to announce that the Learning and Performance Institute selected New Heroes as an official finalist in the Startup Learning Provider of the Year category.

Judging criteria included: “This company has already made an impact on the sector and has a great future ahead of it. It is innovative and delivering high quality products or services and is recognised for its innovation. The company has had a clearly demonstrable business impact.”

Our mission at New Heroes is to help all people find the hero within. No matter who or where they are in the world. This year, we took the step to expand accessibility to soft skills training beyond the Netherlands, launching our internationally-focused platform in English. By doing so, 2017 was the year we started bringing the skills that will build the 21st century closer to anyone in the world. Just like we took the step to take New Heroes out into the world, our unique contribution is that we encourage all of our learners to make changes in their lives through action. New Heroes isn’t about e-learning, but about e-doing. To that end, we consider our greatest achievements the difference we’ve made in some of our learners’ lives.

Interested in seeing our platform? Contact us for a short demo after login. We will think along with you on ways New Heroes can help you improve your company's results.

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