• Date 16 February 2017

NewHeroes.com Launches International Platform

Today, online training specialist New Heroes will unveil its much-anticipated international platform. The company, which specializes in courses related to personal development, communication and leadership, was established by Jan Schouten – founder of Schouten & Nelissen – less than a year ago. The platform is available to both private individuals and businesses. As a number of large international businesses have now teamed up with New Heroes, the time has come to make these soft skills training courses available in English.

International ambition

The majority of the courses offered in Dutch, is now also available in English. CEO Jorn Van Wijk: “We see a notable increase in the importance of the role that skills play, in comparison to that of knowledge.  Businesses all over the world are now, more than ever, investing in the development of soft skills. A recent study by the World Economic Forum shows that soft skills courses, both on and off-line, really do contribute to personal development.” The principle of the platform is comparable to that of Netflix. “We know these courses can make a difference. They help people to lead happier, less stressful lives, both personally and professionally. That’s what we want to make accessible, to the whole world. That's why we have chosen the ‘Netflix model,’ which is much more affordable than ‘old fashioned’ offline courses,” according to Van Wijk. New Heroes aims to expand the number of courses it has on offer to about two hundred over the coming years. Alhough the company has now launched the English-language platform, New Heroes is nowhere near the end of its growth. It is planning to expand the platform in a number of other languages.

Effective courses
According to van Wijk “New Heroes makes both life and work a lot easier. All our courses are developed by experts in their field. We’re different in that we offer more than just a huge amount of text or informative clips. Each learning journey consists of up to twelve learning elements, including enriched text, quizzes, practical assignments and video response training. Participants are in full control of their process. They decide when, how and in what way they choose to work: the courses are accessible 24 hours a day, on smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC. Our participants have the option to work with a supporter, a person they trust to give them feedback. A supervisor, for example, or a colleague, friend or family member.” Subscribers get unlimited access to all our courses for a fixed fee of only 9.95 a month. Employers pay 98.64 per employee annually.


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