New Heroes announces partnership with APAXPoint in the USA

As of March 1st, 2018 New Heroes has taken its first steps into operating on the US market by partnering with APAXPoint who will be New Heroes’ first American reseller. Michael Grigg, Global Managing Director of APAXPoint Learning & Development, has a great deal of experience and knowledge in training and consulting with an impressive client portfolio.

APAXPoint has taken an interest in New Heroes because of the founding company’s history in education and its determination to create an online educational platform. According to Grigg there is great demand in the US market, as organizations, teams, and people in the US are looking for online programs that can actually deliver progress and results.

Grigg: “While there are many large platforms currently on the market, none have the active, behavior-based learning process that New Heroes strives to deliver. Current platforms make it easy to gain knowledge, but only offer testing to retain it. New Heroes, on the other hand, offers us with the rewards of gaining new habits; ways to influence yourself and the people around you. It challenges our comfort zones, though it reassures us of our intuitions; these are results that will last a lifetime.“

CEO Jorn van Wijk: “I am delighted and very excited to be partnering up with Mr. Grigg. We couldn’t have wished for a more experienced partner for our entry into the United States of America. We have high expectations for our performance in this market. Thanks to Michaels expertise and knowledge we are fully confident that we will succeed in reaching our goals. Considering the fact that the USA is currently the largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, offering our services in this great country is consistent with the mission that we set out for ourselves; offering soft skills and leadership training to anyone, anywhere.”

About APAXPoint:
APAX started in 2009, during the global financial crisis, as a husband-wife organization.  The 2-person team on the topic of Persuasive Presentation Skills, and focused on helping people with excellent technical minds, to build their confidence and competency to convince people from all around the World.  

APAX is still entirely family owned, while operating with a partner-network of over 50 learning professionals, spanning 17 countries, and covering all major industries, offering over 100 soft skills and customized leadership programs.  They focus on the niche market of multi-national companies that seek memorable learning programs, with measurable results.

APAX is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA, which is also home and second home to 4 of the top 5 leading high-tech organizations in the World.


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