Manager, wake up! You are the one driving the team's achievements!

Employees are working together, no misunderstandings

How much potential do you leave untapped in your team?

The question is rather suggestive. Perhaps there is more potential in your team than what is currently being realized. Maybe you can find a way to utilize that. There is always something to improve on. But, importantly, you are the one who can make that happen. You have a key role in the personal development of your co-workers. Are you embracing it?

I have noticed something when I talk to managers. Quite frequently I have a sit-down with managers. Sometimes one on one, sometimes as a group. Despite their differences in personality and approach, I still see simialarities. They have a passion for the business. Are happy to put in extra hours. Feel a sense of responsibility.

What strikes me, is that they often feel unsure regarding the personal development of their co-workers. That is why it doesn't surprise me when I read that 68% of staff indicate having a need for more attention to personal development in the workplace*. Employees indicate that they do not feel adequately supported, or challenged, when it comes to personal development.

Why is it not working?

When I think back to the managers that I have spoken to, I can think of a number of reasons:

  • The infamous issue of the day. I see many managers who are too pre-occupied with the short term. All the deadlines and meetings in the present moment. The challenge is to keep the focus on the long term goals. And it is exactly this blimp on the horizon, the long term goal, that helps your team to keep delivering the desired results. It is not by accident that it is one of the seven required characteristics of effective leadership according to Covey. His belief is that one has to consciously make time for personal development.
  • Unsure about the approach. "What is the best way to approach a conversation about personal development?" is a question that I get asked regularly. It strikes me that many managers have grown from a substantive position to a managerial position. They have proven themselves in terms of subject knowledge, and have thus been promoted to the next step. But during this next step, little attention is often paid to how you improve the personal development of employees.
  • Guard against assumptions. We are very quick to judge: 'he can't do it', 'he doesn't want to do it', 'he's been doing it that way for years and will surely not change now'.

Recognisable? I hear it far too often. And if you are going to start something, believing it won't work, you are likely going to prove yourself correct. Thus when you expect a co-worker to not change, the odds are that he wont.

Why should it work?

Obviously it can be quite difficult. So why would I still advise you to start with it? Think about it a bit. Satisfied employees, who are more productive and are more co-operative. Team results that will improve. That sounds appealing, doesn't it? This is thus your wake-up call! Especially for managers who wants to get ahead with their team, who wants more productive employees, and who wants their co-workers to develop themselves. We have developed a learning joureny especially for you. Help your employees develop. You will receive all the tools to put personal development of your team, on the cards, and to keep it there. It is time to realize your team's full potential.

Annet Nijmeijer is a learning specialist at New Heroes and master of the learning journey 'Help your employees develop'. She ensures a succesfull implementation of New Heroes for our clients, with a focus on the integration of New Heroes in the realization of an organization's results. Her experience with the implementation process and weekly discussion with managers, forms the basis of the learning journey 'Help your employees develop'.

*New Heroes distributes a questionnaire among supervisors and employees. Interesting fact: the questionnaire is in continuous operation, enabling us to have the most up to date information available.

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