Innovation in online learning

KPMG Mexico, one of our international customers, was looking for a way to support their stakeholders. With this in mind, they found their way to New Heroes Academy. An online learning platform providing training on soft skills. KPMG found New Heroes Academy to be the most innovative platform, not only because of the video enhanced learning, but also because of the possibility to pick any supporter to assist you in your learning process. New Heroes Academy focuses on the process of behavioral change - breaking habits and improving certain behavior for the long term.

A supportive platform

KPMG is very fond of the approach New Heroes Academy provides. It helps participants to plan the learning process. When there is need for improvement on particular skills, the platform makes it easy to find the perfect course for the participant. 

It makes you want to succeed

New Heroes takes care of you

According to KPMG, New Heroes Academy is keen to make sure people develop their skills. With the use of the New Heroes Academy motivators, they provide every user with the feeling they are not on their own, and they are taken care of.

All users were appreciative of the learning platform. New Heroes Academy really makes you want to succeed. Users can't t wait to continue their learning journey. 


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