How do you fit New Heroes into your busy schedule?

Do you also run from urgency to priority all day, while tending to the daily business in the meantime? Before you know it, you'll be postponing your good intentions to work on your New Heroes learning journey for yet another day. And another. And another. For us this doesn't sound unfamiliar, either. That's right. Even the New Heroes team has sometimes difficulty squeezing an hour of learning into our busy schedules. We've recently had a good look at how we can see to it that we - but also you - can best fit the online courses into our daily lives. And the results? We're happy to share them, of course.

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Block a little bit every day

To make sure your personal development doesn't get overrun by deadlines, is scheduling New Heroes-time in your organizer crucial. However, there is a chance it will conflict with your other responsibilities if you choose to block an hour-and a half every Friday afternoon. We get it. Time is scarce, and blocking so much time will often result in your scrapping that block, whenever you find yourself pressed for time. Instead, try planning just ten or fifteen minutes every day, preferably early in the morning or right after lunch.

Our learning journeys are quite suitable to be done in between other activities. All the courses are cut up into digestible chunks. In addition to this, we really want to you step away from the computer screen; to put everything your learn into practice and give yourself the opportunity to reflect on the material. And surprise, surprise: short learning blocks are perfect for that!

Don't view learning as a must

There is a reason why 'staying home sick from school' is actually a term. We've been brought up wit the idea that learning is must. You had to go to school every day and do your homework every evening. This has a given us an often negative association with learning. Things we see as musts automatically result in a lowered inner motivation.

But place New Heroes in a different light. Learning to play a new musical instrument or getting the hang of a new sport we experience as fun and challenging. See New Heroes as a challenge, and as something that will make your work and life easier. To experience less stress, to be a star presenter or not ever miss a deadline again. And, if at some point you really don't feel like working on your learning journey, because you've got other things on your mind? That's OK. Treat yourself to a day off. That way, you will continue to see New Heroes as a challenge and not as a must.

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Reward yourself

Once our Heropoints-mailings are live, we will reward you after reaching each new level. But also you can reward yourself after every completed learning journey. In fact, this helps you to celebrate your own success. For example, have you completed the online Time management training? Reward yourself with a clear organizer or desk planner. These little presents are not only useful, but they will keep reminding you of of what you've learned.

Make long-term goals

We already try to help you with setting a long-term goal on our New Heroes dashboard. What do you want to achieve? It can be something specific regarding one learning journey, but also something very general. For example: 'feeling good about myself at work'. For each learning journey you can then set another sub-goal. For example: 'learning to deal with criticism'. By setting a main goal, you are able to keep a helicopter view and this way remind yourself where it is you're working toward.

Choose your own New Heroes spot

Our learning journeys are loaded with practice exercises. Additionally, you're expected to reflect on your feelings and expectations. And yes, that does hit pretty close to home sometimes. If it isn't always possible for you to find a quiet spot at home to do your online training, it could work to find a suitable spot at work. One where you can record your Video Response Training without feeling embarrassed or where you'll have the feeling someone is looking over your shoulder. Are you using Hew Heroes through your employer? Request for a 'Hero room' to be designated. Several of our clients already have them - and with great success.

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