Our online courses fall into four new themes instead of eight. It will be easier to find an online course that meets specific personal development needs. 

Respond to developments

And it's not just that. Organizations will also experience the benefits of this new system. Your organization dashboard will display the courses that are selected associated with a specific theme. This information is very useful for diagnostic assessments, HR strategies and interventions.

What are the four themes?

Personal Effectiveness
This theme includes all courses that teach you how to be effectual, smart, practical and effective in your work and/or daily life. These subject matters influence and improve your personal skills that you need in your work or private life.

Vitality and Resilience
All courses within this theme help you stay fit and feel energetic. You'll work on your thoughts and feelings, which will help you make your work and your life easier. Use your brains to become mentally fit and powerful.

Team Development and Leadership
This theme includes courses that are associated with leadership and team building. These courses improve your leadership skills and provide you with insights about building succesful teams. 

Social Skills
All courses within this theme are about interacting with other people. Improving these skills will influence your interpersonal relationships. 

An easy choice

You can apply more filters within each theme. Do you prefer a short microlearning module? Or would you rather work on a learning journey that comes with a certificate? Check out all our courses and choose your favorite. 

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