• Date 17 January 2022

Board New Heroes Academy welcomes CCO Thera Gerritsen


A next step towards further growth for blended and online soft skills educator New Heroes. Thera Gerritsen will take up the position of CCO of the Board New Heroes Academy as of January 15. She will join the ranks of the current Board with Jorn van Wijk (CEO), Bart Coppens (CTO) and Cor Vink (Strategic Advisor).

With Gerritsen as reinforcement of the board, New Heroes Academy welcomes a commercial heavyweight. Thera Gerritsen has an impressive commercial career in the financial services industry. She has held various management and board positions. In recent years she held the role of Director of change and CCO at Stater. Always with 'business growth' as ​​her main goal. Gerritsen also served on various supervisory boards.

Jorn van Wijk (CEO): "We are growing fast and we have big plans. This means that the time has come to call in reinforcements from outside, to keep our minds sharp and strengthen our national and global plans. EdTech companies are on the rise and New Heroes Academy wants to stay on track. Thera is the one to help us excel and make us effective in achieving our ambitious goals." 

Thera Gerritsen prefers dialogue over other means and methods: listening carefully, asking clear questions and then propose (customized) solutions that lead to happy business relations. She strives for optimal coordination of product and customer needs. Her commercial skills and fresh perspectives will determine New Heroes' growth strategy.

New Heroes Academy is the largest business in the Netherlands to offer blended and online soft skill courses. New Heroes is also your partner when you prefer customized courses or in-company training. New Heroes is expanding internationally. Recently a new branch has been opened in Antwerp.

New Heroes Academy was launched seven years ago. Jan Schouten, founder of the renowned training agency Schouten & Nelissen, founded New Heroes Academy together with Jorn van Wijk. This disruptive company offers Powerskill training, or behavioral skills training, in an innovative, interactive and adaptive way.

New Heroes Academy now has more than 180 customers worldwide and over 200,000 users. Multinationals, smaller businesses  and organizations purchase business subscriptions from New Heroes Academy. Van Wijk: “We are still growing at a rapid pace. Thera will play an important role in this expansion."

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