“Schouten Global has been focusing on positive behavioral change for individuals, teams, and organizations for more than 35 years. We exclusively work in partnership with New Heroes because we believe in their innovative approach, offering courses that can be done anytime and anywhere and ensuring you can continue learning throughout your life.”

Limitless possibilities for life-long learning.

Vera van Beek, Operational Director of Schouten Global

At Schouten Global, we believe that the success of an organization is determined by the individual success of the people who work there. There is a reason why our motto is "The ship is only as strong as its crew." We take care of the development of talents and skills that actually matter. Through smart learning and development programs and solid advice, we deliver enthusiastic staff and improved business results. In short, at Schouten Global we learn people to excel. We provide them with the right tools to become successful in a changing environment by further developing their strengths and talents so they can become the best they can be.

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