The five steps to successful implementation

1. Customized implementation and business impact

  • Central to the implementation plan, are the ambitions, organizational goals and/or core values of a company. Based on the priorities of your organization, our leaning consultants will ensure a perfectly tailored learning plan.
  • The implementation plan also contains the internal communication plan. Who, when, and how will employees receive information from New Heroes? The focus here isn't only on the process preceding implementation, but also on the communication during the entire process. New Heroes plays an advisory role in the communication plan. That is how you receive access to our activities kit with tips and example materials. If you wish, New Heroes could also carry the responsibility of developing this communication plan.
  • In this phase we also reach consensus on the practical and technical implementation. Depending on your wishes and the systems within the organization, we link-up our platform.

2. Energetic start

  • With a kick-off gathering we make New Heroes relevant to your company and we motivate your staff and manager to enthusiastically start working with New Heroes
  • In order to use New Heroes as the powerful development tool that it is, managers and supervisors receive a workshop teaching them useful techniques. The first part of the workshop is at the start of the trajectory, and the second part follows after about six months.

3. Start! Do it!

  • Based on the practical and technical implementation plan, we ensure a hassle-free connection.
  • Your colleagues can start immediately.

4. Continuous monitoring

Customer support and service

  • Our customer support representatives can help with any queries or concerns that you may have during, and after implementation. Administration, planning, answering questions, feedback - we are ready for you and your colleagues!

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