I've just recently completed the learning journey "Achieving goals." Basically, I'm pretty good at setting goals, however, for some reason or another, I always make them too big. Or I want too much too soon. I must admit that I'm also pretty easily distracted. I often let the mundane daily activities get in the way, which prevent me from reaching my goals.

Ever since grade school, I've known that good intentions are often difficult to achieve. Back then, cleaning up my room was already difficult to accomplish. Everything I wanted to "clean up" in my room only became another distraction for me. ;-). I'm also the queen of creating all kinds of obstacles in the road. All the ingredients to keep you from really accomplishing the goals you set out to.  

As a kid, I really wanted to work for NASA, but I never did anything about it. I talked myself into "believing" I wasn't smart enough. But that was just an easy way out, not to mention ridiculous.  

Following this learning journey has helped me to become more aware of what drives me, in both my work and personal life. Funny enough, I never expected this. I thought, "I'll quickly follow an online course and learn how to break down my bigger goals into smaller ones. Then I'll make a plan of action and I'll be on my way." Instead, I had to first look back to my past. For example, my "big NASA dream." Why did I want that so badly as a kid? I never really consciously thought about it. Some kind of motivational factor was behind my decision, but what was it? What did I do in the past, what am I doing now, why am I doing things now, what's important to me, what am I enthusiastic about? During this learning journey, I've not only been able to answer these questions, but it's also been fun.  

The most important result of this learning journey is that I'm able to identify my motives. I've written them in the notes app on my phone as a kind of reminder. What drives me comes from within, but if I need help making a decision, I know I can refer to the list in my phone. Then I'm reminded of my basis.

Learning in day-to-day life
During this learning journey you are regularly asked to complete practical tasks. At first I was against the idea. For example, in my learning journey, there was a video exercise. That seemed like a "hassle." The exercise also required involving someone else, so I wasn't able to rush through the whole course in one go. But this was really helpful! And I can go back to the video whenever I want or need to. That keeps me on the right track. In the end, I thought the video exercise was the most fun to do! 

Get started too!
I would recommend New Heroes to everyone who is thinking, "I really need to work on... ".
Who knows? Maybe there's a New Hero in you just waiting to come out!


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