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Online: Use Microsoft Excel effectively

Just like Word and PowerPoint, Excel is a Microsoft software program. In the same way Word is used to create text and PowerPoint for presentations, Excel is basically used for calculation, data analysis and documentation. From simple calculations to complex comparisons. But you can do a lot more than that. You can combine text and numbers with each other in a transparant and clear way. That is why people often use it to create lists, such as address directories, or running schedules.

There is a lot you can do with Excel. And this is why users use Excel worksheets for a variety of reasons. Wether it is to maintain an overview of your project planning (who does what and when?), analyze financial data, or make technical calculations that are needed for the production of certain materials. What all these different uses have in common is that in these situations Excel will save its users a lot of time.

Three objectives

The Excel worksheet is a grid of columns (designated by letters) and rows (designated by numbers). Each cell contains information (your input) to which you can apply filters or formulas. Excel has three objectives.

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