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Online: Seriously...? Another organizational change?

Changes, reorganizations, drivers, focus points, developments, mergers, projects. It doesn’t matter what you call it, you'll have to accept changes within your organization, within your team or in your job. What is the best way to deal with organizational changes? 

First of all: a few facts

1. Every organization faces change management

World politics, technology, the economy, the competition, they all demand organizations to adapt and change in order to either catch up with, or get ahead of the rest, or to just stay afloat. Every organization has to deal with this. No one wants to end up like a Kodak or a Nokia: being defeated by competitors who know exactly how to position themselves in a fast changing world.

It doesn't matter where you work, change is part of the game.

2. It is human nature to resist change

Our brain likes to hit the repeat button. It likes our morning rituals, traditions, values and set patterns. Our brains prefer sticking with the same old, same old routines, instead of having to spend energy on learning something new. Don't worry, you can still change your ways or learn something new. When you decide to go for it, your brain will follow like a puppy. 

Your brain does not like change, but it will accept it. 

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