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Online: Presenting with ease

Presentation, talk, speech, lecture, recital, performance. Different ways to describe the same thing: you standing in front a group of people and telling them your story. Some people are extremely good at doing this.

But what exactly are the essential elements of a good presentation? When is a presentation engaging, with an audience that leans in to hear more? 

Here are some valuable tips:

What is your presentation posture? 
Are you nervous? Don't fidget and place your feet firmly on the ground at hip-width. 

What is your opening line?
An engaging and strong opening often requires some extra preparations. You could start with a quote or a saying or a fact, or perhaps with a question. 

How do you handle questions from the audience?
Jeu Consten, who is an expert on the subject of presenting, gives a few pointers in the video below. 

You are the key ingredient of a great presentation. You can have a very interesting subject, slick visuals, an impressive location and an audience that appears to be eager, in the end it's your presenting skills which will make or break the presentation. 

So, what are the essential elements of a good presentation? 

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