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Online: Negotiating successfully - achieve results

Everybody negotiates every now and then. But not everyone is always successful. Our first negotiations start in the first months of our life, when we discover that someone responds whenever we start to cry. Hey, that works…. So, we do it again!

And then negotiating becomes part of everyday life. You bargain for baseball cards or marbles in the school yard, about playing hide-and-seek or football with your friends and about what time you're allowed to come home on the weekends. And before you know it, you're negotiating about your salary, living together or your divorce settlement agreement.

Some people have experienced more room for negotiation in their life than others. It varies from person to person. But even if all of your requests were always denied, negotiating remains a process in which two parties want to reach a mutual agreement. Both parties will have different negotiation goals (Parent: "Clean your room!" - Child: "After I get to the next level in this game.") but they depend on each other to be able to achieve this goal. 

"If you are not prepared to compromise, then you must not enter into, or think about, the process of negotiation at all."

-Nelson Mandela-

The key question is? How to negotiate and what is your highest achievable negotiation target? 

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