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Online: Leary's Rose

The law of action-reaction

Why is one colleague always on the defense and another colleague never shows any initiative? Why does that one neighbour really annoy you? And how come your sister knows exactly how to push your buttons, where you end up yelling at her that enough is enough? 

Unless you live in a remote cabin on a mountaintop, having to interact with other people seems to be inevitable. And sometimes people can be intolerable and push you beyond your limits: at work, in the school yard, waiting in line at the checkout or at a family gathering.

Which steps can you take to make interacting with these kind of people become less of an energy drain? 

Spoiler alert: It's not always the other person's fault. The way somebody interacts or behaves, triggers you. However, it is up to you to decide how you'll respond. This will influence the other party's response. 

"Action is reaction. You react to someone, but he or she also reacts to you."

The Rose of Leary is a tool that helps you become aware of the other person's behaviour. It gives you the power to consciously choose your response.

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