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Online: I want to stand up for myself

Being assertive is the way to stand up for yourself. This requires you to set your boundaries, voice your opinion, be confident in yourself and manifest yourself in a positive manner, without coming across as being aggressive or disrespectful. That can be tricky and scary at the same time.

You're probably wondering how to tackle this problem and muster up the courage to take the steps to respectfully stand up for yourself. 

What makes you not stand up for yourself?

Have you ever thought about the reasons you have a hard time standing up for yourself and being assertive? You may think it's your personality (It's just who I am), a negative self-image (My opionion doesn't matter) or a lack of assertiveness (I can't deal with this).

It is the thoughts and feelings you have about a situation, that could be the reason why you decide to keep your opinion to yourself. 

How do I become more assertive?

The first step towards becoming more assertive is thinking different thoughts. This will definitely help you. When you think: "I need people to like me," you are setting yourself up for feelings of insecurity and failure. You will not display assertive behaviour, even though 'needing people to like you' is just a thought in your mind.

How assertive are you? 

The statements below are skills an assertive person has. Which one of these statements are 100% true for you? 

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