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Online: How do I actually learn things?

Learning, improving skills, changing behavior. It's not as easy as it sounds. According to scientists, 95% of our behavior consists of 'sub-conscious' acts and is largely involuntary. Would you like to break some patterns and instill new habits? Accept a challenge. Only through practice will you establish a change. And by falling down and getting back up again more than once. 

Of course, we will make it as easy for you as we can. We have listed a lot of tips and tricks for you. Do you want to get the most out of your learning journey? Improve your learning skills and become more succesful? Take ten minutes to read this page. It lays the foundation for an effective change management process.


There has to be a reason why you want to learn. You are the only one who can bring about a transformation. It's much harder to change the way you think or behave, when you are not the one initiating it. You really need to say, 'I want to learn....' Because you are the only one who should take action to set goals and achieve them. And because you've decided to work on changing yourself, it's more fun to work on your goals. 


When you like to learn, are open to personal growth and development and believe you can change, you will learn more effectively than when you do not believe those things. What is your mindset with regard to learning? 

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