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Online: 在线课程: 沟通技巧


If you ask someone if he or she communicates effectively, you'll often hear: "I communicate just fine, as for the rest..." In this learning journey, communication is not only about what you say, the message, but also how you convey that message. You'll practice using techniques such as active listening, summarizing, and questioning further. This will help you acquire more insight into the role played by your voice, use of language, nonverbal communication, and your body language.

You're sitting in a café talking to someone. You say something, the other person says something. But at a certain point, the other person totally misunderstands you. The conversation goes completely in the wrong direction. A typical case of misunderstanding. But there is something you can do about it.

  • 你会提高每次谈话的质量
  • 学会清晰地传达您的信息
  • 用强大的说服力和同理心进行沟通
  • 完成后得到证书

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Getting to work with your communication training

Do you notice that you sometimes stir up resistance, ask the wrong questions, or that people think you're vague? How your message is received naturally depends on how you express it, how the other person receives it, and in what environment and situation you find yourself. So take away from it what you can use, what's relevant to your specific situation. Here's a universal point: scientific research has revealed that on average just 30% of all our communication is determined by the spoken word. The rest is determined by nonverbal communication (35%) and the use of your voice (35%). Surprising? It sure is. This is also something you're going to work on in this communication skills course. The power of body language and nonverbal communication is explained in detail in this communication skills training course. We show you ways of how to cope with it with increased awareness. Communicating with the power of persuasion and ability to empathize is an art you can learn to master in this course.

vrouw buiten glimlach
  • 1 to 4 months' completion time.
  • 4 to 5 hours of self study
  • 16 chapters

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