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What's my learning journey? Take the free test!

A bit overwhelmed by the amount of journeys you can take? Do you want to discover quickly which training suits your personal development best? Test it yourself! In less than two minutes you will discover the best match between your requirements and our training courses.

Your personal development

This free test contains questions and statements that will help you discover what your learning question is, if it comes to your personal development. It can be a tough job to find out if your learning question better fits time management, assertiveness or mindfulness, and we can offer you some help with that! During this quick and free test, you will answer several questions and as a result we will inform you about the training that fits your answers best. You can see it as a personality test, but then in terms of your personal development.

How does it work?

You will discover in less than 2 minutes which New Heroes training is most suitable for you.

  1. Start the test
  2. Answer the questions as well as possible
  3. You will receive the results immediately after completing the test

Good luck!

Learning; how do I do that?

Have you always been curious about how you can learn best? With the right mindset, motivation and focus on positive behaviour you're halfway there. But there's more! For example: did you know that it helps to schedule learning moments in your agenda? Learn all the basics of learning in less than 10 minuten here.


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