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Great learning, especially if you practice the feedback excersices in real life situations (collegues, personal relationships or casual conversations).


super learning


Dat ik meer voor mijn mening uitkom, maar met respect naar andere mensen toe. {I'm expressing my opinion more often, with respect for others.}


I have learnt how to give feedback without offending the recipients in a simple guided procedures.


It's simply explained and empowering.


What I like is that it is interlinked very well.


Along the way, I understand that feedback is not assimilated to negative things but it can also help to improve relation


I think it is good that such an online training can raise awareness about certain things but I find it difficult in such a setting to immediately provide answers.


I think the first part was just a start, we still have to work and continue on our assertiveness and feedback


Very clear questions, actually not something new, but more like the easy ones. You know it in your mind, but you have to be reminded and put back on track.



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