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This is great - I love the new things I have learned. It is a lot more interesting than other courses I have done concerning influencing others. I think it is because the content is very clear and relevant. Also not so abstract. This helps a lot to better understand what, how and when to do things.


It was such a great experience, it´s a refreshing way of learning and keep things going!


I liked the activities and the path to explain different influence styles


I have gained knowledge and skills that are pre-requisite for effective influencing. I believe with continuous revising and practicing I will be a better influencer. Thank you!


The 1,2,3 method. It's very systematic and applicable.


Interesting theory and explained in an accessible way. The online learning environment is a good additional to an actual training but just on its own it is definitely not enough. Most real life situations are more complex than the examples here and there are more than one way to approach them.


Too many task, too little input/learnings


I like videos.


I like the videos.


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