Thomas Mans

Thomas is a designer, tester, front-end developer (IT) and Team lead marketing. He designs, develops and tests the platform. He is also involved in digital and print media.

What makes Thomas' job so enjoyable?

Thomas finds his job varied and very diverse, and his team members super fun and friendly.

What does personal growth mean to Thomas?

There is always a need for personal growth and development. Never stop learning. It's important to your work and personal life. Even though it can be quite stressful to step out of your comfort zone, you must do it to learn new soft skills. When everyone has the same hard skills, what is going to make a difference? Yes, a great set of soft skills.

Which course does Thomas recommend and why?

'Fit met voeding en bewegen' ('Stay fit and eat healthy', not yet available in English). This course makes you aware of your own health issues, without having to go to a bootcamp, or with a strict diet plan that you can't stick to. This course makes you reflect on your negative eating and exercising habits and the healthy choices you can make to change them. You will notice that small lifestyle adjustments, such as a daily ten-minute walk, will have big results, and make you feel healthier and better about yourself.


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