Sanne Janssen

Sanne is our operations manager. Together with her team she is responsible for managing and improving internal processes.


What makes Sanne's job so enjoyable?

Her job consists of a variety of duties, which makes it challenging and fun. She is also part of a great team that is focused on achieving company goals and objectives.

What does personal growth mean to Sanne?

Sanne's co-workers, friends and family members inspire her to grow as a person. Personal growth and development does not only require training courses, but also work and life experience.

Which course does Sanne recommend and why?

Sanne recommends 'Customer focus' because it is a fun and educational course. She loves satisfied customers and this course helps you deliver a great experience. This course makes you realize a customer-focused mindset begins with you. How would you like to be treated and how do you come across to others? Questions that are answered in this course.


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