Jasper Verstappen

As a Learning Specialist, Jasper primarily focuses on the content of our courses. He ensures that they meet our quality standards. Innovation is a significant component of our quality framework, and he specializes in that aspect.

What makes Jasper's job so enjoyable?

Jasper really enjoys teaching people something and it gives him a lot of energy to help them out a little more. That works better with courses and learning methods that inspire and motivate. Jasper likes to come up with creative solutions on how to convey information effectively. For instance, through storytelling.

What does personal growth mean to Jasper?

For Jasper, personal growth means being willing to look at things from a different point of view. This is how you keep learning, stay current with the times, and connect with the people around you. Don't be afraid to try something new and make mistakes along the way!

Which course does Jasper recommend and why?

According to Jasper, all courses for Personal Effectiveness are worth recommending. They help you to clarify what truly matters to you and how you can apply that in your work as well as in your personal life. How do you ensure you create as many win-win situations as possible?


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