Jan Schouten


This is Jan. He's our "stoker." The one who maintains the fire and controls the heat.

If told he's the one in charge, Jan invariably points out that New Heroes has 17 founders, working together to bring this great initiative to a golden future. He always helps out where he can. In his free time, he's been trying to learn the art of playing the Bamboo Sax from Erik the Flutemaker. He not only wants to travel the world with New Heroes but also with the hoarse, honey sound of this wonderful instrument. And he's planning to hit the seas again with his sailboat "Pampus 429" - if his everlasting fitness program allows it! He plays cards at his local bar, Reinders, and he's hoping to write another book.

His motto since he was 11 years old:

Instead of ending with a whisper, my life will finish with a wham.

Jan's heroes

Madonna, Sixto Rodriquez and Herman Janssen (who sailed around the world)


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