Felicia van Meesen

Felicia is on of our Sales Executives. She helps organizations keep personal growth and development high on their agenda. Felicia is also the person to go to when you want to implement New Heroes Academy.

What makes Felicia's job so enjoyable?

Felicia enjoys exploring challenges and finding opportunities for personal development. Putting together a solution-oriented, problem-solving offer can be a challenge, but makes it all worthwhile when she sees the impact New Heroes Academy creates. She's focused on personal growth for employees, and improving corporate cultures. She loves the fact that she's part of a hardworking, and successful team, where there's also room for friendly banter.

What does personal growth mean to Felicia?

For Felicia, personal growth means taking small steps towards becoming the person you want to be. Doing your best, every single day, to become the best version of yourself. 


Which course does Felicia recommend and why?

The course 'Fit met voeding en bewegen' ('Stay fit and eat healthy', not yet available in English) is highly recommended, because you learn how to make a difference, taking only small steps. You become more aware of your diet, lifestyle and exercise. You're provided the right tools to get started, like tips how to increase your daily step count. Take your dog for bigger walks, or go the distance to get coffee. When you're physically more active, you'll eventually become more productive.


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