Ernestine Telleman

An energetic and thorough CCO and Deputy CEO: that’s our Ernestine. She keeps an inquisitive eye on all activities concerning the learning journeys, especially on the creative and educational content of our courses. She likes to read German books, but maybe that’s because she’s crazy about Berlin. Besides that, she likes to run. Not only to be outdoors, but also to clear her head.

She likes Maria Montessori's quote: 

Help me to do it by myself.

Maria Montessori

Ernestine's hero

The Italian doctor and pedagogue:

Maria Montessori

Her teaching methods uncover the strength and possibilities that exist in every child. With the right amount of support, a child is able to become independent and act responsibly. And -according to Ernestine- that is the best you can reach for, not only with children, but with all of humankind. That is why she cherishes Maria’s quote

The value of learning, according to Ernestine

To fall down and get right back up on your feet, knowing you can take a new step every day. Learning is not only about acquiring knowledge, but also about what you do with this newly acquired knowledge. And more importantly: Maria’s mission is to make learning a fun thing to do, because too often people have tried to take the fun out of it. An example? Ernestine did not like to learn foreign languages in school. She wasn’t good at it and suffered from performance anxiety, because she thought she’d never ‘get it’. Until she spent some time in Sweden and Germany. She loved to talk to locals and get to know their literature. For her, a very effective way to learn a new language. She wants other people to find their best learning methods as well.


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