Chantal van Lanen

Chantal wants everybody to enjoy the possibility to develop and improve oneself. And she is sure that New Heroes learning journeys are the best way to achieve this: improve yourself in your own time at your own pace. Aim for the best! And she knows everything about being the best, because she participates in the major-league (Grand Prix) with horseback riding in the Netherlands. She loves her horses almost as much as she loves her boyfriend Sjoerd.

Courage and failure lead up to succes, hence her motto:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

Chantal's hero

Renowned ex-soccer player and trainer, who unfortunately passed away too soon:

Johan Cruijff

He gave a lot back to society after his successful career, if only his quite illustrious quotes. Chantal is thankful for the few times she was able to meet him. She was pleasantly surprised by his down-to-earth attitude, even though he was a world famous athlete.

The value of learning, according to Chantal

Working towards a set goal. Aim for the best. Improving yourself every day, according to the  motto: "Either I win or I learn."


Want to get in touch with Chantal?
(email) chantal.vlanen@newheroes.com
(phone) +31 (0)6-53532163


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