Sales executive Carolina is inspiring, positive, energizing, thoughtful and empathetic. She is an experienced professional who loves to connect with people and help them discover their inner strengths. She thinks New Heroes is the perfect tool for this. She represents the northern region of the Netherlands, close to her hometown Haarlem. She takes the positive vibe she experiences at New Heroes home with her, where she likes to spend quality time with the apples of her eye: her son and daughter.

Caroline benefited a lot from her dad's motto:

Turn big problems into small problems. Then turn the smaller problems into no problems at all.

Carolina's dad

Carolina's hero

The scientist best know for his unruly hair:

Albert Einstein

Many scientist have come up with the biggest and best theories, but Albert stood out. Not only because of his unrivaled scientific work, but also because of his simplicity, his amiable nature and his sense of humor. These so-called soft skills made him famous beyond his circle of friends. This combination of humor and science is reflected by his quote: "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." 

The value of learning, according to Carolina

An investment in oneself. Be it professional or in your daily life. The most important part is to find the right balance between those two. The only source of knowledge is experience, isn’t it?


Want to get in touch with Carolina?m
(email) carolina.sessler@newheroes.com
(phone) +31 (0)6-12465133


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