Annet Nimeijer

Annet is responsible for the content of our courses. Graduated as an educationalist she knows all about developing the best possible content for our learning journeys, how to improve them and keep them up-do-date. She is very creative in combining educational science with fun-in-learning. To de-stress she engages in training programs that build up to a proper triathlon. And when she’s at home, she likes to cook and bake, preferably with produce from her own vegetable garden.

Being an environmetalist she likes the motto:

Change the world by changing your thoughts

Norman Vince Peale

Annet's heroes

A lot of people, but in particular:

Anyone that is active in making this world a better place

However small or big your contribution may be, the fact that you are doing something, inspires her. Teun van de Keuken is a journalist and TV-maker who made her aware of this. She loves his documentaries that bring injustices to light in order to end those.

The value of learning, according to Annet

A primary need. Without it, life would be boring. By learning, every change can bring you something.


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