Alwin Schoones

Alwin loves meeting new people, which is a huge advantage, being a Sales Executive. He loves to share his opinion about the importance of investing in yourself and/or in your employees, which is more often than not a deciding factor within a company’s success story. Alwin loves music, in any way, shape or form. You can surprise him anytime with a new choice of music. He also enjoys meetings with strangers and exchanging stories.

His motto is:

Everybody is worth it!

Alwin's hero

Formula 1 racing-driver:

Max Verstappen

He is cocky and confident and knows what he wants from life. He stays true to his values. He is daring, and not afraid to take full responsibility for his mistakes, of which he’s probably made more than one. That, to Alwin, is ‘personal leadership’!

The value of learning, according to Alwin

Pushing against the boundaries of one's comfortzone. And feeling the freedom to take on something new together, outside of that comfortzone.


Want to get in touch with Alwin? 
email: alwin.schoones@newheroes.com
phone: +31 (0)6-57262532


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