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    • Date 8 December 2017
    New Heroes Unlocks Soft Skills Learning in Mexico

    After a series of successful launches via resellers in Poland, Belgium and Australia and China, New Heroes has now partnered with Mexican reseller Factoría Educativa Mexicana to expand the accessibility of its English-language platform. 

    • Date 26 October 2017
    Startup Learning Provider of the Year Finalist

    We’re proud to announce that we're selected by the Learning and Performance Institute as an official finalist in the Startup Learning Provider of the Year category. “This company is innovative and delivering high quality products or services".

    • Date 18 September 2017
    New Heroes Spreading Its Wings to China

    After a series of successful launches via resellers in Poland, Belgium and Australia, the New Heroes platform is soon to be available in China. The e-doing platform will officially launch for both individuals and organizations on 18 September 2017. The online training courses will first be available in English and later translated into Chinese.

    • Date 19 April 2017
    New Heroes achieves LPI accreditation as a learning provider

    The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), the foremost accreditation and membership body for the learning sector, is pleased to announce that New Heroes has achieved accredited Learning Provider status.

    • Date 30 March 2017
    Cor Vink to bolster New board as strategy advisor

    New, the world’s largest online training specialist in personal empowerment, communication and management skills today announces that it is taking a significant step forward in bolstering its board of directors. As of April 1st, the New Heroes board is welcoming Cor Vink to serve as its strategy advisor. The addition of Vink places the New Heroes executive team, which includes Jan Schouten (Chairman), Vera van Beek and Jorn van Wijk, in robust condition.

    • Date 16 February 2017 Launches International Platform

    Today, online training specialist New Heroes will unveil its much-anticipated international platform. The company, which specializes in courses related to personal development, communication and leadership, was established by Jan Schouten – founder of Schouten & Nelissen – less than a year ago. The platform is available to both private individuals and businesses. As a number of large international businesses have now teamed up with New Heroes, the time has come to make these soft skills training courses available in English.

    Schouten Global launches magazine People@Org

    Recently, the latest issue of the magazine People@Org was published by Schouten Global. This magazine aims to inspire you to navigate your organization to a successful future. You can request the magazine for free.

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