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Motivator NM

When we analyze our learning platform data we see that every person has their own and unique approach towards reaching their learning goals.

There are those who are extremely disciplined and focused, while others definitely need an occasional encouraging pat on the shoulder. There are some who'd prefer to achieve their goal sooner, rather than later, while others take their time to discover their own person.

But even though our clients are from all walks of life with different needs, they all share one common goal. Their desire to work on and reach their goal for personal growth and development.

Whichever path someone chooses towards his/her goal, everybody can use some help along the way. How much and how? As of now, you're in control of that. 

What's in it for  you?

  • You'll receive help as you try to achieve your learning goals.
  • You'll receive tailormade support
  • The tone-of-voice, content and number of emails matches your needs.

Our motivators are the ones doing our 'dirty work'. They make sure that your learning goals stay top of mind. They encourage you to take the necessary steps and shower you with praise whenever you hit a new milestone. They are your 'pat on the shoulder'. Our motivators are like our users. They share the same characteristics.

Our motivators

The rabbit, Winston
Select Winston when you want to reach your goals at a fast pace and need a sensible amount of encouragement. You are someone who'd rather have too much encouragement than too little. Winston will match your needs exactly. Loads of supporting words for you. 

The bird, Monty.
You want to achieve your goals and you prefer to be inspired by others, learn from their experience. Monty gladly shares other people's experience with you and supports you just enough. Not too much, not too little. With a personal touch, that's our Monty!

The bear, Biggles
Select Biggles when you have a slightly different approach to life. You're not common and you want to discover your own path. You like suprises and a totally different perspective on things. Biggles provides you with new insights, unexpectedly and at irregular intervals.

The fox, Luigi
You're perfectly capable of achieving your goals. You're disciplined and prefer not to be harassed with emails from your motivator. Select Luigi if you can relate. 

Which motivator is your best match?


Select your motivator


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