MOOIWERK Breda is all about supporting local volunteers in the city. Due to the pandemic, traditional courses had to be abondoned up until June. However, MOOIWERK Breda searched for alternatives and found the best. Online courses provided by New Heroes to improve soft skills.

A huge range of courses

MOOIWERK Breda had set its mind on providing a wide variety of courses. New Heroes offers more than 200 courses, in various categories to cater to everyone's needs. The volunteers were very appreciative of the diversity in courses and within a few weeks over 100 volunteers had signed up. MOOIWERK Breda had made the right choice. 

Additional benefits

What is even better, is that the metrics on the company dashboard show which courses are labeled as favorite. Based on this data, MOOIWERK Breda can adapt and adjust their traditional training program, without having to ask each individual volunteer about the skills they want to improve or in which area more training is needed.

The volunteers show a great deal of enthusiasm and are happy to work on their personal development. They're learning and improving skills, which they will definitely apply when they get back to work again. 


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