"I was rather skeptical..."

Initially, when we started on this path, I was rather skeptical. After all, the success of any online training course is built, or broken, by the discipline of the staff members. But, after seeing how enthusiastic our staff were, the skepticism evaporated. They can study, independent of time or place, on their own, and they actually do. Although, I am not surprised, because there is a big variety of training courses to choose from. 

We have been seeing the advantages since the implementation.

Since the implementation we have been seeing even more advantages. With the Management Tool from New Heroes, our HR department has access to more information than ever before. We can't see who follows which training course, but we can see how many people are doing a specific training course. When it is apparent that training courses about making life and work easier are popular, the odds are that our staff members are feeling pressure on their work-life balance, and that they are experiencing stress. We can then use this to inform our policies.

Another advantage: the team at New Heroes encourages feedback, which enables you to truly work with them on a product. For instance, we are a part of the client panel and are involved in the development of new learning journeys. Try that with any other online training provider!

About ADP

ADP provides systems, services and consultancy for salary processing and HR. Globally, 56 000 people work for ADP, 600 of which are in the Netherlands. It is a dynamic and result-driven company, perpetually searching for inspirational innovation, and a place where everyone matters: big clients, small clients, and, of course, all the staff members.


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