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New Heroes: Dutch Design

Wherever you are in the world, New Heroes is there for anyone who wants to learn. Via our online platform, we make soft skills and leadership courses accessible for everyone. Our educational approach stems from our roots: Dutch Design.

What does Dutch Design mean?

  • We believe that the only one who can truly change you, is you. You only can change your behavior, thinking, or actions when, and if, you really want to. You are the one who has to say: "I want to learn...," and only you can be the one to take actions to set real goals and achieve them.
  • Every person is different, but we treat everyone equally. However challenging this can be at times. We believe in equality among people, whatever their background, rank, or status may be.
  • We love a good dose of perspective. So sometimes we can be blunt, other times very subtle. Ultimately, it's all about you and how you apply this in your own life. So we don't define what's right or wrong for you, you do (with a little help from your supporters).
  • We're known for our direct and straightforward communication. We feel that something can be better said, than not. We quickly share our opinions, because we believe it helps you improve. It's never meant to hurt you or embarrass you.
  • We believe that you can only truly change and develop yourself by actually experimenting, challenging yourself, and applying things to your own daily life. That's the basis of all our learning journeys.

You could say that New Heroes is opinionated. And we have our reasons for it! We've chosen our principles after years of experience working with training, courses, and behavioral skills. Of course, we don't want to teach or impose anything on you against your will or feelings. So if certain examples or exercises don't quite suit you, no problem! Choose what works best for you. But don't forget: sometimes, if you really want to change, you'll need to get out of your comfort zone. It's your turn!


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