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Business impact and active learning strategies


New Heroes provides solutions

No problem, we can hook up your entire company and receive access to our learning platform within 24 hours. We've got you covered. We provide customer and technical support, organize the kickoff, implement, analyze, assist and support. Let us connect the dots for you. More...


New Heroes is a Schouten en Nelissen company. We share over 40 years of experience and expertise in learning and personal development. We provide high quality online courses with compelling learning outcomes. More...

Active learning strategies

Effective and smart learning methods combined with unique tools and techniques create users who feel involved and want to engage on a deeper level. More...

Business impact

Learning new skills help employees to keep up with this fast-changing world. Your company performance and organizational results will improve rapidly. More...

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New Heroes provides solutions

Our customer support team hooks your entire company or organization up within 24 hours. We will take care of technical and administrative issues. That is our job, not yours... 

Our team introduces you to our learning platform and shows you how to use your company dashboard. We organize training for your managing directors and we provide promotional materials and plan the kickoff session. Our implementation consultants follow up with thorough analysis and valuable advice.

New Heroes is your partner! 

Plug & Play
Connects to all LMS systems. All licences available within 24 hours. 

Implementation team
Our team provides a healthy support structure. You can lean on us for tips & tricks and we ensure you that online learning will stay top priority within your company or organization. 

Customer support
Email us, or call or send a whatsapp message. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.

Organisation dashboard
Your dashboard provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to progress, usage, progress and results. 

New Heroes provides quality services

With more than 40 years of experience between us, Schouten and Nelissen University of Applied Sciences and New Heroes share a great amount of knowledge about personal development and training programs. We provide high quality online courses and engaging classroom activities, that are very effective and lead to a compelling learning outcome. 

Our online courses are subject to an annual quality check by our quality manangers and learning specialists. We are ISO compliant and are accredited. Every online course is awarded with a certificate upon completion. 

About us...

Masters and trainers 
Our masters and trainers are experienced and professional experts.

Vision on learning
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. New Heroes is your tour guide.

Receive a New Heroes badge, certificate or diploma upon completion. 

User engagement

New Heroes consistently increases student engagement. It can be an encouraging pat on the back or a stern teacher-like look. We use unique digital tools, effective methodes and smart techniques to get everybody started and to keep them learning. 

New Heroes is an excellent choice when you want to learn as an individual as well as together with fellow students. New Heroes continuously tries to inspire and improve individual and team communication within the organization.  

Our courses are engaging and motivating. And if not, our motivators will take over...!

Supporter tool
Learn together and provide feedback

Gamification: Hero points
A reward for every learning step you take

Be in control of the amount of support you need

Courses that have an impact

Our courses have an impact on your company or organization. They are exclusively created and developed by the best experts. Our courses are interactive and adaptive and include over fifteen different forms of assignments. They create a nice flow that allows you to learn at your own pace. Research has proven the effect our courses have. 

Learning new habits is like learning how to swim. The best way to learn is to get swim lessons, practice, and practice some more. You cannot learn to swim just by reading a book or by watching a tutorial. We refer to our practical assignments as eDoing. Our courses provide a fun and practical way to learn new habits, which can be highly addictive. Everyone wants to join in. 

We have over 200 online courses and multiple workshops available for all levels. 

Scientific proof
We have scientific research results that proof the effectiveness of our online courses. 
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Sustainable employability
Create the right conditions for employees to have a long, healthy and happy career and prepare them for altering responsibilities, personal growth and career changes. 
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21st Century skills
A team is ready for the future when its individual members have mastered 21st century skills. Skills that you will need to distinguish yourself in a time when digitalization and automation has come to stay.
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