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New Heroes for business

Unlimited access to the world's largest selection of online courses in the field of personal strength, communication, and leadership.

  • Detailed reports
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Extensive administrator mode
  • Maximum support in employee activation
  • We are open to your suggestions
  • Growing selection of courses
  • Together, we ensure optimum on- and offline implementation
  • Easy to integrate into your existing LMS
  • LPI certified

"Employees are the gold of an organization."

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  • Proven online skills training courses in a new and refreshing way
  • Wherever and whenever your employees want
  • Feedback from an internal coach of self-chosen supporter 
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Getting started with Coaching

Real personal growth is always at the top of our list. You want to see fast personal growth for your people, and plenty of room for personal guidance? Our additional coaching packages will help you get there.

Coaching Combination package and Coaching Tool
Together with the certified Integrated Coaches from our partner, Schouten Global, we provide your people with the best possible guidance. Also, your own professionals can offer support to your employees using the Coaching Tool.


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"A unique concept!"

"All our employees have unlimited access to the learning journeys, where- and whenever they want..."

Paul Hinze,
COO of Digital United

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"These skills have a huge amount of added value."

"Soft skills and leadership skills can make all the difference."

Michel Girbes RA,
director of FSV Accountants + Adviseurs B.V.

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"Limitless possibilities for life-long learning."

"We exclusively work in partnership with New Heroes because..."

Vera van Beek,
Operational Director of Schouten Global

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  • A better work-life balance
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