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A few years ago, I was privileged enough to do a multiple day Assertiveness training. I learned a lot; however, I noticed that after changing jobs and working in a new environment, I found myself falling back into old patterns.

It struck me that I was still creating obstacles in my own mind. I also found it difficult to give my colleagues feedback at the appropriate time. When I'm in a safe environment - a face-to-face meeting with my manager or with my partner at home - then it's no problem. But the second I'm "out of my element", I find it difficult to stand up for myself.  

Refresher course
I saw the learning journey Assertiveness from New Heroes as a refresher course. The monthly cost and the fact that you can unsubscribe on a monthly basis are both added benefits to wanting to follow any of the New Heroes courses! I had originally intended to read through the book I received from the previous training, but I've discovered that the online learning journey works much better for me!

“When you think about e-learning, you tend to think about watching videos and reading texts, but this is far more active.”

It is much more interactive than just reading. I found the variety in learning elements really unique and refreshing. When you think about e-learning, you tend to think about watching videos and reading texts, but here you can watch role playing games and respond to videos, and you're regularly “sent off” to do practical exercises. I found  the link with a supporter especially great in this respect. It means there is someone in your daily life who keeps you on your toes and with whom you can discuss your progress. I asked one of my colleagues to help me with this. 

Facing facts
For me, the learning journey was full of little lessons I had to learn and moments when I had to have a good look at myself. I was regularly forced to face facts. I have a tendency to refer to “we” or “they” when I'm actually talking about myself, for instance. Somehow I subconsciously avoid saying “I”!

Later on in the journey there was a chapter about listening. That afternoon I caught myself not listening to my colleague at all. Another little lesson I had to learn.

I've found plenty of other learning journeys that should be interesting for myself, such as feedback, influencing and presenting. I've also recommended New Heroes to colleagues and friends. I didn't expect to be this enthusiastic!

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