Read our personal stories about daily life and office troubles. About dreams, building careers, and making time for our personal life. About the skills that are necessary for this and how to develop them.

    • Author Carlijn Dreijer
    Yesterday you said today, just do it!

    How do you handle deadlines? Are you racing against the clock with an increased heart rate to get your work done at the last moment? The tips below will help you become more effective today, and you'll have enough time left over to do other things also!

    Career change: how can I find out what I REALLY want?

    Your job is consuming too much of your energy. You want something different: a new job, a boost to your career, more pleasure in your work. But you quickly lose your courage. Because, what exactly do you want?

    • Author Carry Petri
    Life's a party, but you have to do the decorating yourself.

    Having difficulty saying "no" isn't always a consequence of not being assertive enough. In my case,  I simply like doing doing stuff – or at least find it challenging – and enjoy being involved in everything. Do you identify with this? Then keep reading!

    • Author Rini Roerig
    Finding your passion. Nonsense or goal?

    The word "passion" may be a big and captivating term that doesn't mean much to you. But for me it was a challenge. The search for that very personal interpretation of what passion could mean to a person – especially in his or her normal, everyday life.

    • Author Fenno Moes
    Difficult people. How can I become one?

    How often do you hear people start a sentence with "Sorry, I don't mean to be difficult, but..."? But what would happen if you actually were difficult? 

    • Author Rosanne Weerd
    Changes at work: fear or progress?

    As a start-up company, that's something we at New Heroes can't avoid. We go down unknown paths, decide to go left and then have to switch gears and go right. An then we start over again. But not everyone deals as well with them.

    • Author Lily Dorland
    Feedback? That only leads to problems!

    You may have been in situations when you would have liked to have given feedback but didn't. Or you didn't respond as delicately as you would have liked to, due to nerves. Read here all about limiting thoughts when giving feedback.

    • Author Amanda Zweers
    Six tips to rock your first day at work

    You made it! You've been hired and are ready to start your new job. You're really looking forward to it, but you also have some insecurities. How can you be sure to make a good impression? What will you wear? What are your new coworkers like? Here some tips to help get you through your first day and the period thereafter.

    • Author Jan Schouten
    The art of failing

    Failing is something bad, at least that's what a lot of people think. You're brought up with the idea that certainty is necessary before you start something. Maybe that you 'lose face' big time if you fail at something.

    How do you fit New Heroes into your busy schedule?

    Do you run from urgency to priority all day, while trying to keep up with the daily business in between? Before you know it you'll be postponing your good intentions for another day, yet again.

    • Author Ernestine Telleman
    Do you want to improve your learning skills? 2x 7 tips

    Who doesn't want to learn new things? But... do we do it right? How can we learn to learn better? Check out our tips.



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