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    "Soft skills are getting more important to us."

    “This morning you woke up in a new digital world”. Utterly true of course. It is crucial your staff has the required soft skills to be able to work in this new digital world. HR manager Sandra van Heeswijk explains why soft skills are becoming more important to Dept.

    • Author Valerie Paas
    Forget e-learning, e-doing is the new learning.

    E-learning tools seem to be spring up everywhere nowadays. Not surprising, it's an easy solution to do 'something with development' within your organization, without spending loads of money. Your team members read a text about becoming more assertive, look at a video, et voila: an assertive employee is born. Or not quite?

    • Author Valerie Paas
    Motivating co-workers: this is how you do it.

    Recently, we wrote a blog specifically about how not to motivate co-workers. But how do you motivate them? We've listed our indispensable tips for you.

    • Author New Heroes Team
    Motivation is a muscle – 5 ways to train it

    Here are five tips for motivation that can help you get back to getting things done, so you can train your motivation muscle!

    • Author Tim Metz
    Work, gamified

    Tim Metz gives insights in the succes they've had with gamification at Saent.

    • Author Tim Metz
    What I've been reading in 2015 by Tim Metz

    You’ll find the entire list of everything I read this year at the end of this article, but I’ve picked out and summarized the “five” books that did the most for me this year. 

    • Author Tim Metz
    Timeless meditation

    Meditation should not be about performance, but using a timer does precisely that...

    • Author Tim Metz
    The productive start-up manifesto

    The Future of Work is about optimizing for humans. To be creative, to solve the pressing problems of our times, to stand out in an onslaught of automation, you and your team need to optimally use your brain.

    • Author Tim Metz
    The power of letting go

    The ultimate goal is to get to empty and done. But who ever reaches that state?

    We need a break from our phones

    Smartphones are pocket-sized computers that allow us to do things that would have seemed like magic just ten years ago. But all that good has come with a pricetag.

    • Author Tim Metz
    Understanding your inner autopilot: do you know these 4 common habits of habits?

    If you want to change your habits, here are some suggestions from experts from around the web.

    • Author Tim Metz
    How to enjoy reading and get smarter

    So here’s to reading and what I’ve learned from these master readers and my own experience throughout life.

    • Author Tim Metz
    Why not being busy is the New Black

    Being busy has become the new social norm. But soon NOT being busy will be the new black, since everyone is busy lately. 

    • Author Tim Metz
    Calm your mind and overcome almost any challenge

    What is the most important thing you’ve ever learned? It’s a simple question, yet not an easy one. The answer will be different for every person. In fact, the answer will likely change over the course of your life, depending on what you’re dealing with. In this article, I’m going to answer that question from my perspective.


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